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Two New Dog Parks

The Suffolk County Parks Dept has recently opened two new dog parks: Mud Creek Natural Borders Dog Parkthe County's first dog beach, is located in East Patchogue on the east side of Roe Ave bordering the Great South Bay.  The second park is the Robinson Duck Farm Dog Park located at 2903 Montauk Hwy, Brookhaven.


Robinson Duck Farm Dog Park Mud Creek Dog Park

Robinson Duck Farm Dog Park                                 Mud Creek Dog Park

These parks are Natural Borders dog parks, amenities, such as potable water supplies, trash receptacles and dog waste bag dispensers, are not provided. Accordingly, off-leash dog park users are expected to provide their own water and to take their trash and waste (including dog waste) off-site for disposal. As pilot project sites, use by off-leash dogs is subject to change based on how the sites are used.

CAUTION: The Mud Creek park is EXTREMELY overrun with poison ivy.


These dog parks are being operated as a pilot projects. Their use will be monitored and evaluated to determine if any adjustments need to be made and also whether or not the natural borders dog park use should continue. Please note that if dog waste is not removed from the site and properly disposed of, these parks may be closed.

Please be aware of the following rules:

  • These parks are only open from dawn to dusk.
  • Areas of existing natural and sensitive vegetation will be cordoned off and protected by snowfencing. Dogs and park patrons are only allowed in the area enclosed by the snowfencing.
  • Park users must provide their own potable water.
  • Dog owners must clean up their dog’s waste, remove it from this park, transport it off premises and dispose of it properly. In addition, all other waste created by park patrons must also be removed and disposed of properly.

The Robinson Duck Farm park will be open year round.

Mud Creek park will be open for use by off-leash dogs from September 1 to March 1. The dog park shall be closed for use by off-leash dogs from March 2 through June 30 in order to ensure the protection and prevent harassment of any colonial waterbirds which are actively attempting to nest on the site. If the presence of nesting birds is verified, the site shall be closed to use by off-leash dogs until such time that these birds and their potential offspring have left the site. If by June 30 no nests have been established the site will be opened to use by off-leash dogs from July 1 through September 1 in addition to being open from September 1 through March 1.

Google Map for Mud Creek and Robinson Duck Farm Dog Parks


Watch Out For The Mud

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Just a note of caution.  At this time of year the parking lot can become extremely muddy any time the temperature rises above freezing.  Please be aware that you could become stuck and might have to  be towed out.  The same caution applies during any rainy periods.   We are meeting with Parks Commissioner Pavacic this Wednesday (2/11) and will ask him why the project to grade and cover the parking lot with crushed stone, which was scheduled to be completed last spring, has not been given top priority.

Last Updated ( Wednesday, 30 December 2009 13:15 )

January Parks Department Board Meeting

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The issue of dog park fees did not come up at this Thursday’s meeting of the Parks Dept Board of Directors.   This doesn’t mean that the idea is dead, just put on a back burner.  However, since the Board of Directors is hesitant to endorse the County Legislature’s request to increase many park fees there is reason to believe that should the dog park fee resurface it would not pass muster.  The Board’s attitude reflects the feeling that since the fees go into the County’s general operating fund, and not into the Parks Dept coffers, the Parks Dept would derive no benefit.  Also the Board expressed concern that increasing fees would place an unfair burden on park users.
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Proposed Dog Park Fee

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The Suffolk County Parks Department has been considering imposing a user fee for the dog parks within the County Park System.  This fee would be in addition to the Green Key fee already required to enter the park on the weekends.  We feel that the fee would be counter-productive, in that it would cost the County more to implement and enforce than it would receive.  Also, the fee would discourage people from using the dog park thus depriving their dogs of much needed social interaction and exercise.  Additionally, since any money collected would go into the County's general fund, and not to the Parks Department the condition of the dog parks would not benefit.

Please use the forum to express your thoughts on this.  You can also express your views directly to the Board of Directors of the Suffolk County Parks Department  at their monthly meeting which is scheduled for this Thursday, Jan 15, 2009, at 1:00 pm at the Meadow Edge Country Club, West Sayville Golf Course, Montauk Hwy, West Sayville (View Map).  You do not have to speak at the meeting, but your attendance would show support and your concern.  We hope to see many of the Blydenburgh Dog Park users there.  If you have any questions please This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .
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Forum Usage

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Hi All,

As you can see the Forum is back up.  Unfortunately, since the server problems destroyed our some of our data base of registered users, some people may have register again in order to use the Forum (Please note: in order to post on the forum you must activate the account by answering the email the website sends you).

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